Synergy Grain App Quick Guide
  • Existing Synergy Customers:
    • Ensure you cell phone number is on your Synergy account.  Call the office at 715-949-1165 to get it added.
    • Download the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
    • Enter in your cell phone number
    • Enter in the two-factor authentication code texted to your phone
  • App Features:
    • Immediate access to location bids allowing you to sell grain on your phone
    • Visibility to current contracts, scale tickets, and past settlements
    • Up-to-date account balances for grain bank, as well as agronomy and fuel prepay


Additionally, you can navigate to the Desktop version of the app HERE!



Download the Synergy Cooperative App Today!



Synergy Grain by Bushel - Intro Video


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